Dogs and phones…

My dog’s favourite spot in the house is lying on the bed in the upstairs bedroom. It’s right beside a big window looking out onto the road, and hence he misses nothing and can bark at any car, bicycle, person or animal passing by.

And that’s fine, because he’s a dog, and hence spends a lot of the day relaxing – half-trying to sleep but not too upset if something passes the window to interrupt his slumber, as in reality he hasn’t much else to do all day.

Generally, as humans, there is a little bit more demand on our time. We don’t usually have all day to get what we need to get done. Yet when we try to do real work while having our phone in the room, we are behaving as if we do – worryingly just like my dog. Half-committing to working yet open to being distracted by whatever the next beep or vibration wants to tell us.

So get rid of the distraction. Put it in a different room. Even for an hour.

Not only will productivity will go up, but like my dog, you will feel great about relaxing and sleeping when the time to do that comes around too.