I Never Stopped Loving You…

A great line!

I thought of it as the possible title of a song today. I knew that it had probably been used before but I wondered if by some chance maybe it hadn’t.

A quick Google search dashed those hopes. Doris Day and Survivor (at least) have beaten me to it.

But does that mean it can’t be used? The laws of copyright cover only melody and lyrics, not titles. And then I thought of the following.

Jump – Van Halen and The Pointer Sisters.

Hello – Adele, Beyoncé, Lionel Ritchie, Oasis.

One – U2, Metallica, Ed Sheeran.

You and I – Queen, Lady Gaga, Bing Crosby and Stevie Wonder.

Any other examples?

Actually I wrote a song for my second album called Smile…think someone else might have done that too.

Anyway back to my title. Sounds a bit like a country song. Anyone fancy writing lyrics?