Warriors Run 2019

Today is Warriors Run day. Again.

Last year’s blog on this day was about the history of the race. Today is more about strategy.

So a wise head who had done this race many times told me once not to worry too much about the uphill part…that you’re better off focusing on maximizing your speed going downhill.

I found it interesting, given the uphill part takes a lot longer – hence I thought the capacity for making up time there would be greater.

I pressed him on it, and although there was no major science behind it, his response stayed with me – and I quote (possibly not fully accurately)…

“There are enough times in life when the wind or the slope is against you. All you have to do is get through those. When things turn in your favour though…that’s when you go hell for leather. Make the most of it. Pound down that mountain!”

Indeed sir.