It’s Sunday night – nearly Monday morning again…

A lady told me this afternoon, in the aftermath of yesterday’s Warriors Run, that running just wasn’t for her. Furthermore, she said that if I ever saw her doing the Warriors Run I would know that she was going through some sort of crisis in her life.

Sometimes it helps to look at things that way…if X happens then we can deduce Y is the case.

It somehow reminded me of the refrain in the Saw Doctors song Same Oul’ Town – ‘it’s Sunday night, nearly Monday morning again’.

In the song the singer is lamenting the fact that things never change, that Sunday keeps rolling into Monday, for another week of the same oul’ faces.

Sunday night blues happen to all of us. But if it’s a regular thing, if as the sun sets on a Sunday you often feel down with the prospect of what’s facing you on Monday morning, maybe you should deduce that something needs to change.