Album photos.

Not photo albums.

Here’s the latest in the line of pics celebrating the end of the recording and mixing process of various albums over the years. All with recording engineer Dave McCune.

August 2019 (as yet untitled).

From Jan 2017 – with Seamie O’Dowd and no slippers. Melodic Reflection.

From Sept 2015. The Next One.

And the very first – Not Just Black and White – all the way back in Sept 2013.

In an age where we all take far more photos than ever before, it’s easy to forget the value of looking back at them. It’s a way of gaining perspective, an aid to reflection, a reminder of who you were and who you are, and a way of figuring out what you may want to happen in the future.

PS if you want to hear the tracks from the new album live, the best place to do so will be on Nov 22 in the Hawk’s Well Theatre. Tickets here.