Sometimes you just need a ladder…

So today we recorded the first of the piano tuition videos I’ll be using with my students as of next month.

A day that had been in my head for a long time. I had done a lot of thinking and talking about it, bought new equipment, got parts made, figured out what I thought was the best way of doing it.

And if I’m being honest, I was quite apprehensive about the day…wondering if everything would work, if I had all the right leads, all the correct software.

I remarked to one of my colleagues on the project (a man 20 years younger and far more tech-savvy than me) that because it was in an area in which he felt at home, for him today was probably just another day, whereas for me the day had a bit more significance.

Anyway all was going fine until our videographer mounted the overhead camera onto the specially designed overhead stand. He could reach high enough to connect the camera to the mount, but couldn’t see what was on the screen.

So I drove home to get a ladder. And it struck me…it was the perfect metaphor for the day. Because in this project I was aiming for something slightly out of reach. Something new, beyond my comfort zone, something higher than I had previously stretched.

And all the thoughts I had, all the help I got, all the advice I picked up along the way, all the equipment I now have, all were steps upon the ladder to getting there. And the final step was now a ladder itself!

So…like anything, it’s good to start. And while I’m sure the videos will improve and develop along the way, it will be mice to see how the first one turns out.

It will be available to everybody and I hope to be able to share it in either tomorrow’s or Saturday’s blog.