Music vs football

The All-Ireland football replay between Dublin and Kerry is on at 6pm this Saturday. At exactly the time we will be rehearsing and sound-checking for the last show of Theme Night #24.

I mentioned to a friend of mine yesterday that I might turn off my phone, steer clear of any football conversation, and see if I can avoid the result until I get home after the gig and watch the game.

My friend believed that I actually had a chance of succeeding – because she reckoned that the theme night crew and the GAA crew were quite different, and that there wouldn’t be much of an overlap and hence not much discussion about the match on the night. I’m not a sociologist, and amn’t going to get into the complexities of that argument, but I found it interesting.

Especially when I printed off the music this morning for the big rehearsal later today, and was immediately reminded me of the feeling I used get when I packed my bag before a game.

Because once the music has been printed it means that the preparation is over. All the songs have been picked, line-up finalised, singers met, keys found, arrangements discussed, instrumentation settled upon, charts and scores completed.

Now it’s time to play, time to perform. And be it in football, music or any area of life, if you don’t relish that part, you’re in the wrong game.