Why we love Marie…

This short clip shows Marie O’Byrne at her best. You know the way you always hear that it’s the little things, the detail that makes the difference? Well here is the perfect example of that.

So first there’s a bit of dancing…the knees start to move. Another Star…great groove and a big finale to the show. But her eyes are always on Eoin at the front of the stage setting his guitar up.

A little step forward to be sure…and yes there is something wrong. Puts the violin down and makes a short sprint to the centre of the stage.

Susses out the issue. A quick wave to Vinnie on sound to make sure she’s Ok to correct it. Does so and a quick dash back to her instrument.

All done in the space of 8 bars and she’s back in time to play her first phrase.

I described her as a legend last night when introducing her to the crowd. And it’s not a word I use lightly. Her eye for detail, her commitment and dedication to high standards, her versatility, and on top of all that the musicianship she has means she is absolutely indispensable to the theme night crew.

Just like a good corner back. Much of her contributions go unnoticed but it’s when she’s not there that you realize how much she actually does. Thanks Marie!