On top of the world

What a day. The sun was out, the West of Ireland looked amazing, and if you’ll forgive me for delving into my personal life for a moment, Sinéad and I were away celebrating 10 years of marriage.

Living day to day, it’s easy to feel that things don’t change much. But when you reach a milestone such as this one, and you look back over ten years, it’s clear that those days all add up and make up a significant part of a life.

And we realized today that ten years ago we had yet to become parents, there had never been a theme night, and Sinéad was still years away from even considering a career in politics.

And so it becomes clear how important each of those days is, and each of the moments within those days, because in ten years time we’ll hopefully be looking back again and marveling at how much has gone on since today.

And on the top of those cliffs today I had a thought, and it’s the message of today’s blog.

When you’re not feeling great, it’s hard to focus anywhere but inward. You need all your energy as well as the help of others to try and bring yourself through the situation in which you find yourself.

But when you’re feeling good, like we were on the top of the cliffs today, it’s the time to look outward, and see what you can do for others.

Because when you’re on top of the world, some would say the only way is down. And while that may be true, instead of worrying about that, why not see how many others you can get to join you up there?

Here’s to the next ten…