The tour is up and running…

The Ignition Tour started today!

What’s the Ignition Tour, you may ask??

Well after a very enjoyable hour spent in Sooey NS last June, I wrote this blog.

I was looking to visit 5 schools, but more than twice that number responded, and so over the next two weeks I am touring the national schools of County Sligo chatting to, answering questions from, and playing music with and for the primary school students of our county.

I started this morning on home turf – with the children from 3rd and 5th class in Ransboro School. And it was a wonderful hour.

The following things stood out…for different reasons.

  • The number of Queen songs they all knew – see this blog!
  • Being asked to play I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (the West Ham FC anthem), and being asked quickly afterwards to play You’ll Never Walk Alone and Glory Glory Man United!
  • The on-the-money answers I got when I asked them to figure out what steps I needed to take to get a sound from my keyboard.
  • The girl who knew that a dome-shaped ceiling contributed to reverb in the room.
  • The boy who asked why there wasn’t a purple scale after I played them the blues scale.
  • When one of the lads said the Westlife Twenty Tour was so named because Westlife hadn’t sung together in 20 years!
  • The high proportion of them who played instruments.

It’s always good to hang around children – it keeps you sharp and up-to-date. Looking forward to the rest of the visits and will report anything funny or significant here.