Bringing It Home

I finalised the titles for the tracks on my upcoming album during the week. I named the most lively and triumphant one track ‘Bringing It Home’, after a story my friend told me recently about his 10 year-old son. Let’s call him Johnny.

Johnny’s parents have been working on his independence and encouraging him to do more things on his own. A few days ago, they dropped him at the local supermarket and asked him to go in, buy teabags, and walk home afterwards (approx a 10-min walk). All on his own.

Johnny was nervous, but did it, and in the words of his Dad, walked in the door 6 foot tall, delighted with himself, and proudly handed over the teabags with a look of ‘I’m the man’ that lasted quite a while.

Great stuff! Good man Johnny.

But all of us bring it home every day, maybe several times. In our own way. It may be small things such as cooking a dinner, getting out for that walk even when it’s windy, or a kind word to someone.

And while these achievements may not bring the sheer delight and pride in ourselves that little Johnny experienced, we can make our lives easier by giving ourselves credit, even a little bit, for these, and indeed all the times we bring it home every day.

PS the album title will be revealed soon, and you can get tickets for the launch party here. It’s the only time I will be playing the album live in 2019.