Memories of Theme Night #24

What a pleasure it was to play the music of Stevie Wonder. A genius no doubt.

The variety in his songs, the instruments he played, the themes he captured in his lyrics, the chords he managed to get into pop songs – amazing stuff all round and we all had a great time paying tribute to him in Theme Night #24.

I’ll always remember the choir number – They Won’t Go When I Go, and so many other performances from the night. Thankfully we can relive them all – you can watch all the videos on a YouTube playlist here.

And lots more more pics of the shows from Kris and Dominika Manulak have just been uploaded to a Facebook album here.

The winner of the Golden Jacket this time was Therese O’Loughlin Lee. Described to me as ‘the mammy of the theme nights’, the work she does on and off stage to maintain and add to the spirit of the nights is crucial, and as you can see below, she knows how to enjoy herself too!

Finally – after Theme Night #23 – one thing I was determined to try and recapture was the general sense of craic on stage. There is a lot going on for the musicians and singers – and it’s hard sometimes to enjoy what you’re doing as well as do it well. But I think the pic below shows that we managed to have a bit of fun!

So a reminder regarding Theme Nights #25 and #26.

Theme Night #25 will take place on Feb 5-7 2020 in the Hawk’s Well. The theme is Beegees and the Disco Era and there are a very small number of tickets available here.

And the big news is – that for Theme Night #26 we will return to Vicar St on April 23 2020. Details of theme and tickets coming very soon (i.e. hopefully next week). As always you’ll hear first if you subscribe to this blog.