The blog

So blogging is now a thing for me. Which it wasn’t 18 months ago.

And this month more of you have read the blog than in any month previous to this. So thanks.

Because although the act of writing down and publishing some thoughts daily is primarily a thing I do for myself, I believe it would be far harder to keep it up if no-one was reading it.

So it’s now a habit. Something I do every day. For more than the last 3 months, and before that for a period of almost 8 months, and before that for a 35-day stretch. Over a year’s worth of daily posts.

And while habits are not always easy to create, there are certain things that make them easier. Including the content of the habit being something you enjoy doing. And it being regular. And you being accountable – to yourself but also to others – for it.

Some blogs have been better than others, some more widely-read than others, but each one was the best I could do at that particular point of that particular day, and there;s no doubt that the act of writing each day has made me a better writer now than I used to be.

To thank you all for reading, today I’d like to put up two prizes of two tickets to my album launch party as well as a copy of the album.

One will go to a subscriber to the blog – and you guys don’t have to do anything to win it – I will draw a number at random.

The other prize will go to someone who reads it via social media. To be in with a chance just like and share the post on Facebook.

There are more who read via Facebook than subscribe, so if you have been thinking of subscribing for a while, today might be a good day to do so, as you will give yourself a better chance of winning a prize!

Winners announced in the first October blog of 2019 tomorrow.

PS some late changes to the line-up for Connolly’s tonight and over the next few weeks. Details here.

PPS – here’s a nod to the man who inspired me to start this habit.