A handwritten note…

This morning a friend who had a recent bereavement in his family thanked me for a handwritten card I sent him.

I was also told a story by a colleague about a handwritten letter he received years ago from a client that he still remembers as the nicest thankyou he has ever received in many years of business.

And I have been lucky to receive some heartwarming handwritten thankyou notes over the last while.

So I know that a meaningful note, written by hand, gives a strong message to the person receiving it.

So strong that if you want to convey something important to someone, it trumps almost all other methods of communication. Email, online messaging, a typed letter, even sometimes verbal communication.

It’s a lovely way to spend some time for the writer, and always a pleasant surprise for the recipient. And there really is no good reason why we all shouldn’t do more of it.