Wine and Song

If a wine is good, it’s possible to enjoy it decades after it was bottled.

The colour, taste and most of all label will give away its age and origin, but if it was made with good ingredients and care, it will last the test of time.

Likewise with a top class piece of music. The instrumentation, quality of the recording and style may give away its age, but if it’s well-made its quality can shine through and it may be enjoyed for years and decades after it was recorded.

Some music, and indeed wine is made for the short term. Mass-produced, with the aim of it being consumed as widely and as soon as possible.

And there is value and merit in that. If that is your goal. And it’s not always possible when you make something to know whether you’re making it to last or not.

But isn’t there something magical about the thought of people enjoying the fruits of your labour long after you’re gone?