Ray McAndrew and Mary Kennedy have been recording The Kendy and Raybo Podcast for over a year now. They have put out 61 episodes and have gained a steady and loyal following who want to listen to what they have to say every week.

It has become so popular that they were asked to open the SO Funny Sligo Comedy Festival last week and by all accounts a great night was had by all.

I was a guest for the first time on a podcast yesterday. Barry Power hosts and creates the podcast From The Maker to the Made and we recorded the upcoming Episode 10 yesterday. It was a lovely chat about creativity and the creative process when it comes to music.

The thing is – it’s easy to do. Set up a couple of mics, have a chat and off you go. And for people who feel that they can’t be artistic because they may not be much good at music, art, writing – this is an ideal medium – you just have to be good at talking.

And while it’s unlikely you’re going to make any money from it, that’s not the point. You are creating something. Expressing yourself. Putting something out to the world for the benefit of others. Reaching out to people who think the same way and like the same things you do. Contributing.