Something real…

For the first time ever, I heard a cheer at the zoo today.

If you look really closely at the below picture, you can see a small grey squirrel up high on a branch on the lighter tree on the left hand side.

Its mother and sibling had previously inched their way to the edge of the branch before jumping a few feet through the air onto another branch on the darker tree on the right hand side.

The third squirrel wasn’t as brave. It took a lot longer, but it eventually plucked up the courage and made the leap across, to the loud cheers of the assembled crowd.

We had seen elephants, lions, giraffes, snow leopards, but it was the grey squirrel who captured our imagination. Why?

Because it was a true story. Unlike the other animals, impressive as they all were, but in fabricated environments.

This baby squirrel was in the real world, battling with himself and gravity, trying to make a leap of faith and follow his family across the great divide.

It’s the same outside the zoo. We all respond to real things, honesty, genuineness.

So next time you’re trying to connect with an audience, remember the humble grey squirrel, and give them something real.