Old photographs

It’s always nice to look back at old photographs. I was searching for a few this morning for the sister of a friend who has a big birthday coming up. She’s making an album and wanted a few old pics to include.

And so I got caught for a while looking back at old pics and marvelling at how young I/we all were. The usual stuff. Here’s one from approx 2009.

This was my 2nd ever gig – in 2005.

Learning – 2003.

And one from a school concert in 1997.

And it’s only when I look back at myself at these various stages that I realise how little I knew about music and indeed many things at each of those points in my life.

So I could put up a picture here of me playing piano in 2019. But you’ve all seen enough of those! But if I did, at some point in the future I would look back at this 2019 picture of me today and marvel at how young I looked and how little I knew.

So I think they are two good things to have in mind today.

  1. We are younger than we’re going to be.
  2. We don’t know much, but if we do the right things, we can learn.