Great to see you!

This morning I played squash with a friend of mine. He is better than me, but I had a couple of games in a row where I pushed him to the wire. We took a short drinks break and I was pumped up, sure I was going to go on and win the next game.

However he hit his first few serves far slower than usual and hence took the energy right out of the game. My mood had me ready for something different, I wasn’t ready for them and all of a sudden he was 5-0 up and cruising.

An hour later or so at lunchtime I was walking around town on my own – lost in my thoughts – when some friends inside a restaurant spotted me through the window. They smiled and waved, but more energetically than I was expecting. The greeting made me want to go in and we had a great chat for 5 minutes or so and I continued on my way but in far better form.

And then this evening I was stopped at traffic lights tapping the steering wheel, having a wee dance in the car to a bit of children’s Halloween music! A lad in the car next to me spotted me and he started grooving away too with a big smile on his face.

My point? Other people and the energy they bring to interactions can have a big effect on your day. Which means that equally the energy you bring to interactions can have a big effect on the day that others have.

And the great thing is that you get to choose what the nature of that energy is.