Class is permanent

9 – Amy Winehouse

7 – Adele

6 – Elton John

4- The Beatles

3 – Birdy

2 – Ed Sheeran, Radiohead, Bonnie Tyler, Sam Smith

These are the most popular artists in terms of songs chosen by performers at this coming weekend’s Teenage Theme Nights.

The theme is Best of British and given that the majority of the performers are female and under 18, it’s no surprise that the two most popular artists are female soloists with plenty of big hits in recent years.

The two interesting ones for me are Elton John and The Beatles being so high however, higher than huge present-day pop artists such Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith in terms of male representation.

Elton John, like Queen – has benefitted from a recent mainstream cinema release of a film on his life. It has brought his music to a whole new generation.

It’s interesting to compare him to his contemporary on the piano – Billy Joel. In November 2016, John had 5.7m monthly listeners on Spotify, Joel had 4.3m. The listenership of both has increased hugely in the intervening 3 years (mainly due to the increased popularity of Spotify), but while there used to be a mere 1.6m listeners in the difference, now Elton’s listenership (19.2m) dwarfs Billy’s (12.2m) by a far bigger gap of 7m monthly listeners – a clear vindication of the film Rocketman.

In the same time Queen’s listenership has jumped from 12m to 32m monthly listeners – again you would have to think largely due to the 2018 biopic Bohemian Rhapsody.

And as for The Beatles – well I guess class is permanent. Great songs will win out in the long run.

PS – the weekend is shaping up really well, with some classy and surprising performances on the way. There are still some tickets available for each show here.