Making mistakes…

Today I was trying to come up with ideas for the design of the package that will contain the CD which in turn will contain the tracks I have recorded which will comprise my next album (out next month).

I was looking at other similar packages containing CDs (some mine and some not) to see what type of thing I liked and didn’t like. But when I looked closely at the back cover of Seamie’s and my Melodic Reflection (2017), for a moment I was horrified.

I saw two mistakes!

And I can’t tell you how many times we all checked and rechecked the design, but it was a lot. And still two mistakes got through. They aren’t hugely obvious ones, but they are still mistakes, both my fault, and it would be better if they weren’t there.

Indeed only this morning I was reading yesterday’s blog and I noticed a small mistake I had made. But after thinking about it, I decided not to correct it. Because it doesn’t radically influence the message of the blog. And mistakes happen. And they’re normal.

And I think we should accept this. They shouldn’t happen, but the fact remains that sometimes they do. But it shouldn’t stop us.

Because if you’re scared that something you produce won’t be perfect, then you’ll never produce anything, because nothing is perfect.

And it’s better to produce imprfect stuff than not produce anything at all.