It could be worse…

Just imagine…

You get a flat tyre on your way to work.

You can’t drive any further so you pull in on the side of the road.

You also can’t be late so you run the last mile and arrive on time but puffed and sweating.

At break time you run back a mile to change the tyre on the car.

It starts to rain.

The wheel is on the road side of the car so each time a car drives past you get splashed.

It starts to rain more heavily.

But at least you have the tyre changed. You put everything back into the boot and are all set to drive back to work. Until you look at the new tyre and realise that you never got the spare fixed last time you got a puncture.

So now you are standing there, wet to the bone, late for the resumption of your work, no further on than when you punctured three hours previously.

Not a great morning, huh?

Now imagine you don’t have a job.

Or you have a broken leg so can’t drive.

Or you have no home so you must sleep in rain like that every night.

And you’ll soon realise that despite your unlucky morning you generally don’t have things too bad.

Years ago I used to play the ‘it could be worse’ game with a friend of mine on car journeys. If something was bugging either of us, the other would come up with as many scenarios as possible in which things would be worse than they currently were. And you soon snapped out of the mood that whatever your issue was had brought upon you.

Our problems can’t always be solved with perspective, but they can usually be lessened. Next time something happens, try and find some.