There’s something special about an orchestra…

Last night we were rehearsing for Sunday’s Sligo Live Symphony of Dance event.

It will feature 3 DJs, the 64-piece Sligo Academy of Music Sinfionetta, guest vocalists and musicians, and some of the biggest dance tunes of the last few decades. It’s not music I have ever played before, and it was fun figuring out what to do on the tracks, more fun than it looks in this pic!

DJ Barron Cawley was rehearsing with us, but even with his gear plugged into an amp and turned up to the max, the entirely acoustic orchestra drowned him out, and hence conductor Niamh Crowley had difficulty keeping us in time with the track.

Until she got a set of headphones, and everything changed.

Everything got tighter, everyone looked happier, and the music was better.

I somehow doubt that in the Knocknarea Arena on Sunday evening the orchestra will drown the tracks out, and hence I also doubt that there will be any issue with us keeping in time with the tracks.

It’s going to be a great gig. There’s just something special about an orchestra.