Stand your ground

A stage can be a lonely place to be if things are going wrong. Hundreds of people looking at you, willing you to get it right, but knowing that right now you aren’t.

And the thing going wrong may not even be your fault. But the crowd don’t know that. So it’s on you to fix it. Or leave the stage.

Fight or flight. And one is certainly easier to do than the other.

Show 1 of our 18th Teenage Theme Night last night was eventful. Lots of highlights, and a few people for whom things didn’t go as they wished.

But I’ll always remember it for one young man standing his ground. He knew he could get it right, and kept at it until he did. And our wonderfully supportive audience were with him all the way…urging him on and rewarding him at the end with huge applause.

As regards the future, there will be huge learning in it for him. And his peers.

But even in the present, adults and teenagers alike were united afterwards in praising him for standing his ground, for sticking it out. I hope he sees it that way too.