A Day in the Life…

I loved this post yesterday – 24 hours in the life of Seamie O’Dowd.

And I thought of some of the teenagers who took part in this weekend’s teenage theme nights, and the 24 hours of which they are currently in the midst.

Take Fraser for example…bottom left of the below pic.

He has just completed his 7th Teenage Theme Night and I reckon he has done just as many adult theme nights.

Last night he played guitar and and sang a beautiful version of Jacob Collier’s Make Me Cry.

This afternoon he played saxophone on Amy Winehouse’s Valerie, Bonnie Tyler’s Holding Out for a Hero and contributed to some 4-part harmony on Adele’s When We Were Young.

And tonight (very shortly) he will play as part of a 64-piece orchestra alongside 3 DJs in a dance spectacular.

And he’s only one of many with such a varied schedule. And none of the gigs involved Seamie O’Dowd!

A culture takes a long time to build. Long hours, vision, collaboration, like-minded people. And when it’s built it can be even harder to maintain it. And it’s down to the hard work of many good people over many years.

But one thing’s for sure. The more teenagers there are having days like Fraser’s, the more adults will get to have days like Seamie’s.

Long may it last.