A Year of Wednesdays

Every Wednesday morning for almost a year now I have seen a counsellor. Or psychotherapist – depending on what part of the country in which you live and what type of work in which you are engaged with them at a particular time.

It’s not the first time I have seen one. For my 21st birthday, my mother (a counsellor/psychotherapist herself) bought me 4 sessions with a man who practiced on Gardiner St in Dublin. I had no particular issue at the time – we just chatted generally about a few things and it was certainly a positive experience. As it has been this time.

Funny though, at the end of the third session he said to me – ‘I don’t think you need to come back any more – but if I can give you one bit of advice before you go – given the way you have spoken about it here I think you should seriously consider music as a career’. Wise words.

So when life got a bit tricky earlier this year, I rang this man, told him first how I had followed his advice, and then looked for a recommendation in the West of Ireland. He gave me one, and so I have been seeing a lady in this neck of the woods now for almost a year.

And so the title of my forthcoming album is A Year of Wednesdays.

Because there’s no doubt in my mind that these sessions have contributed hugely to the music on the album. They have helped me connect with many different versions of myself from the past, and have brought many long-forgotten emotions and memories to the forefront of my mind again. All of which helps when you’re writing music.

Which I hadn’t been for a while. After a fairly prolific end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 in this regard, things had quietened down in the last few years. I could feel that there was music inside me waiting to get out regardless of the Wednesdays, but they certainly accelerated the process.

And so this August I took a week off to write. And the music tumbled out. Note by note, chord by chord, section by section until I had too much for an album. So I whittled them down, polished them, practiced them and then recorded them over two days the following week with the ever-friendly and professional Dave McCune in Balbriggan.

7 of my own tracks and 3 covers – my interpretations of 3 songs that I have been playing live regularly now for a while. It’s nice to mark this particular stage of my playing by recording them.

And while there are some fun tracks, some upbeat tracks on the album, I feel that some of the slower tracks are more personal than anything I have recorded before. But that’s just me. Now you get to make up your mind.

The album will be released on Wed Nov 20. You can pre-order it here, and if you do so before midnight tonight (30 Oct) you will get a second copy FREE.

Finally, I will only be playing this music live once this year – at a very special launch show in the Hawk’s Well Theatre on Fri Nov 22. Part of the show will be just me, but I will also be joined by some very special guests throughout the evening. You can book tickets here.