What does Bono sing in his garden?

A friend of mine recently told me that he was at a party in the house next door to Bono’s. It was summertime and the party was outside. He heard someone singing at full voice in the garden next door and soon realized it was Bono belting out a country and western tune.

And it’s funny…the immediate feeling I had was happiness for Bono that sometimes he gets to sing other stuff apart from U2 songs.

I was interviewed for a podcast recently and wrote a blog about their value as vehicles of expression and creativity in our world.

But the other thing about podcasts is that they are brilliant vehicles for conversation. Barry (the host – above in pic) and I – plain and simple – had a great chat. About Bono, about how best to approach writing music, about what the ultimate aim as a musician should be, about the wonderful week I had where I wrote the music for my forthcoming album, and about many other things. And real conversation is always good.

I listened back and found our conversation interesting even second time around. Maybe you will too.

You can listen to the full podcast on various platforms here.