Stamps, cars and passion

This morning I met a group of men who saw the below poster and decided to come along.

People who for various reasons were going through a tricky time in life. We spoke about various issues and I played a few requests on the keyboard.

The highlight of the morning came when I asked the participants to talk about something in their life that used to give them joy but isn’t part of their life any more.

And one man spoke passionately about attending motor rallies. About how a gang used to go but now that his friends are all married with children and mortgages they don’t any more. And so he doesn’t either.

But he spoke so passionately about it. About the Mark Two Escort in his uncle’s garage that made him fall in love with cars in the first place. About the rallies themselves…the cars going up on two wheels, the screech of tyres, the smell of petrol. About the sick feeling he had in his stomach when he heard of a spectator dying at one rally.

And he wants to go back. Desperately. And I hope he will, and that this morning’s chat will help in some way for him to do that. Even if the gang don’t go with him.

Another man spoke of his huge stamp collection and how because of his illness he doesn’t do it any more. But again the joy it brought to him was obvious and a pleasure to see.

And so the lesson for me was clear. Things that bring us happiness, things about which we are passionate, things that bring us to a good space aren’t easily found. So when you find one, hold on to it, embrace it, look after it. It can get you through a lot.

Below are Eamonn and Bláithín, who organise and facilitate this course. It’s wonderful work, important work. There will be another one in February if anyone is interested.