Album launch date – big news.

So my latest album – A Year of Wednesdays – comes out next week. I wrote about the back story of the album in a blog recently here.

And while the initial plan was to release the album next Wednesday, as would seem appropriate, I have had a change of mind.

Because I’m a believer in the power of live music. While being proficient in a studio is no doubt a skill in itself, for me you just can’t beat playing something live or seeing something live. It’s just more real, more authentic. There is less room for manouevre, fewer ways of making something sound better than it is, more room for collaboration and improvisation, and more potential to connect with your audience.

And so next Friday’s launch gig in the Hawk’s Well Theatre will now not only be the only time you can hear any of the new music live in 2019, it will also be the first time you can hear the music.

Because I have decided that the album will not be now officially released (online and offline) until Sat Nov 23rd and so if you’re in the audience next Friday, we’ll hopefully be sharing some wonderful moments together. I know that I’m really looking forward to playing this music and for you all to hear it for the first time.

It will also be the first time you can buy a physical copy of the album, complete with sleeve notes. And on this launch night only, to thank you for coming to share this night with me, there will be a special rate for anyone who wants to buy albums for themselves or as a present.

Special guests to be announced soon. Some tickets for the show still available here. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.