Telling your story

Richie Sadlier is promoting his book – Recovering – at the moment. An autobiography with among other things, some particularly honest insights into some fairly grim things that happened to him in the past. His PR people seem to be doing a good job as I have heard and seen him on TV and radio chat shows, newspapers, magazines.

In one interview he was asked if he got tired of answering the same questions in interview after interview. He said no, making the insightful observation that we all like talking about ourselves, and he has had some very interesting conversations in the process, despite the fact that many of them focus on some horrible memories for him.

Whereas I have heard other people on a similar promotional circuit bemoan the fact that they have to do interview after interview.

What’s the difference? Well for me, it’s that Richie’s story is real. It’s honest, authentic and he is telling the truth as he sees it.

Other people sell lies. Because they think it will make them or their company more money. But repeating something that you don’t really believe, something that isn’t genuine, something that isn’t true to you will get tiresome. Telling the truth won’t.

Today I told my story and the story of the new album to Niall Delaney on Ocean FM (listen back here) and to Luke Henderson in the Sligo Weekender. And I very much enjoyed both chats. Thanks to both.