It was tight, but I’d like to say a huge thanks to Tony Mohan, and to my dad and aunt for conspiring to get the albums down here on time.

And while this blog often espouses the value of trying new things, experimenting, giving things and people a chance, sometimes it’s nice also to stick with the tried and trusted.

The credits on the album reflect this.

Dave McCune has recorded and mixed each one of my 4 albums. Steve Rogers has taken the cover shot for 3 of them. Likewise Daithi Turner has designed 3.

The piano for tonight’s gig is possibly my favourite piano on which to play (Thanks Ciarán Ryan) and the band tonight – Dave, Steve and Seamie are 3 of the musicians with whom I have played most regularly over the years.

I know lots of regular blog readers are coming this evening to hear the music. And there is great comfort in all of that. Thanks to all.

Now all that’s left is the best bit. And that’s to play!