Magic moments…

It ended up being quite funny. Even though the sentiment at the time was very serious.

It happened during a gig a few years ago. a guy came into see us every week and to be honest was pretty annoying for the band. He didn’t like one member of the band and regularly let that be known. And he often shouted at another member of the band to play tunes by a certain artist.

One night we were in the middle of a song. It was one of those moments where everything was clicking. Next thing up pipes this man, and one of our band members lost the rag.

Mid-song, he told the man in no uncertain terms to be quiet. And then kept going with the song. The man got the message, piped down, and never came back again.

My colleague spoke to me afterwards and was slightly concerned about what happened. He felt justified in his actions though, explaining how as musicians we are always waiting for those magic moments, when things are happening. He felt we were in the middle of one such moment, and was so annoyed with this guy for ruining it that he briefly let his frustration come out.

Last night we had many of those moments. It was a wonderful evening. From Seamie’s slide guitar on our last-minute encore choice of Maggie, to Steve’s humorous percussive comments during The Entertainer, to Dave’s funky solo on Mr. Tee, it truly was a night to remember for me.

Thanks to the lads (below) and to the Heart’s Desire Choir for being part of it.

So – A Year of Wednesdays if officially launched and out. It was great to give the album some air and get it out into the open.

For anyone in Sligo you can buy copies in Liber or The Record Room. Or contact me and I’ll get one to you.

It’s also available to stream on Spotify and on Apple Music, and on many other online platforms.

Finally, thanks to everyone for all their support and good wishes over the last while. I hope you enjoy the music.