Strength in Numbers

Last night the 5th annual Sligo Sings took place. It featured 10 choirs and over 400 singers, and it was an entirely enjoyable evening.

The finale featured most of these singers – all on stage together – singing a version of Dirty Dancing’s I’ve Had the Time of My Life. And the sound was huge! It’s impressive and quite overwhelming to hear the volume so many people can create together.

And everyone on the stage felt it. The feeling of being part of something so big is always a good one. If you get something wrong there are lots of others who will cover you but when you all get it right together it is amazing.

But getting these 400 people to work together requires in the beginning the vision of just one person. That one person sells the vision to others and soon a team of people are working together to make it happen. Then build on it year after year. And all of a sudden you get to 5 years down the line and a huge and successful event like last night.

And while it’s nice to be part of the crowd and feel the safety of being surrounded by others, the world also needs the individuals who put their neck on the line by dreaming up the next big idea.