The second time.

Second season syndrome. Second album syndrome. Second night syndrome.

It’s the same basic idea each time. You produce a great season, a great album, or a great show, and then you have to follow it up.

The difficulties are twofold – firstly the first performance was so good that it can be difficult to reach that level again. And secondly there can be a tendency for complacency or overconfidence to come into the group after receiving the plaudits for what you achieved the first time.

It happened me twice with football teams for whom I played. 2006 (with Coolera-Strandhill) and 2008 (with Sligo) were two of the worst collections of performances I have been involved with. Mainly because in 2005 and 2007 those teams won competitions that they had been trying to win for a long time. And we found it difficult to back it up. To produce the same level (or ideally a higher level) of performance again.

But if you want to repeat something, if you want to do it a third or fourth time, there is no way to avoid doing it a second time. And you can choose to be afraid of not reaching the highs of the first time, or you can relish the challenge of topping it.

And so I’m delighted to announce today that tickets for the second Theme Night to take place in Vicar St will go on sale this coming Friday 29th Nov at 10am.

It’s Theme Night #26, and it’s called Ireland in Song. It will take place on Thurs April 23 2020. It’s the first time we have touched on a theme we did before – Theme Night #11 was called The Best of Irish.

But Vicar St is such an iconic Irish music venue that we thought it would be appropriate to revisit it. We hope to celebrate our culture, our composers, songwriters and singers in our own unique Theme Night way, and we would love for you all to join us.

Link for tickets will be in Friday’s blog.