Who should we listen to?

Recently one regular reader of my blog told me (in a nice way) that sometimes he felt they were too long. Within 24 hours, and completely independently of the other, another reader told me that she always read them because she knew they would be nice and short.

I was discussing a particular story with someone last week who just loved the ending – that it left them feeling warm inside. I then told her how I felt – which was the complete opposite – cold and unsatisfied.

And when you release an album, it’s always interesting to hear from people which track is their favourite. I have asked lots of people, and 8 of the 10 tracks have been mentioned so far by somebody.

And for anyone feeling bad about something negative that someone said about their work, Here’s an article about a reviewer who wrote a scathing review about one of the most acclaimed albums of all time – Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

If you look or listen hard enough, you’re bound to find someone who loves what you do, and someone who hates it. Differing opinions are an important part of our world.

Sometimes though, we let the verdict of a small number of people who dislike what we do stop or deter us from doing it. These sometimes carry more weight with us than the positive ones.

It’s never nice to hear negative opinions about your work, but it’s important to remember that they only make up a small part of the spectrum, and most likely there are just as many or more people out there who like what you do. So we must be careful about who we listen to, and what effect we let them have on us.

PS I listened to this podcast this morning (it’s short) – which coincidentally discussed in an insightful way the question raised in yesterday’s blog.