Last gig of the year!

Over 15 years ago I took a long bus journey through Argentina, Chile and Peru.

52 hours.

Just me, the scenery and a discman.

I made a list of 10 songs (I remember My Baby Just Cares for Me and Ice Cream Man were two) on that trip and I thought – wouldn’t it be nice firstly to know how to play these, and secondly, to get to play them in public? Even once.

And sometimes when I’m reflecting on things, as often happens at the end of a year, I think back to this journey, and it makes me appreciate every gig – indeed every song I get to play.

And so the last official gig of 2019 is upon us. Some of tonight’s crew ready for action in the pic below.

And so – to everyone with whom I have shared a stage, pit, corner, studio or classroom – thankyou. It’s a dream come true to get to play so much music with so many of you.

Once more with feeling. First gig of 2020 in Connolly’s on Jan 6!