2019 in Review: Part 4

The Teenage Theme Nights went from strength to strength in 2019, led by a small but powerful 6th Yr Unit.

I have chosen this song as a highlight for a number of reasons, mainly because it really shouldn’t have worked!

Our end-of-year showcase is usually planned meticulously, rehearsed well and delivered to a high standard. This song ticked the last box but neither of the other two.

Julie had trouble choosing a song. She eventually settled on this one on the Friday, with the show on Saturday. Despite the short timeframe involved, she wanted it to be big – with 30 teenagers singing it with her, and in fairness to the gang they signed up and then showed up. We had 25 minutes set aside on the Saturday afternoon to arrange and then rehearse it and Julie herself was ten minutes late because of a class.

Yet they nailed it. How?

Well firstly she had a really strong core group of teenage musicians on harmonies and piano with her. And as regards the chorus, well these guys are so used to singing harmonies with each other that they learned them in no time at all. They knew they had to up their game, to pull together for this song to come off and they did. And then Julie delivered her part of the bargain out front.

Finally – the lyrics of the last verse of this Kodaline number are great – they sum up a lot of what we try to do with these shows.