Another Star

2019 in Review: Part 5

September brought Theme Night #24 – where we paid tribute to Mr. Stevie Wonder.

This song summed up this particular run of Theme Nights for me – for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I had never heard it before. Neither had most of the gang involved. But that was one great thing about doing a run of Stevie Wonder shows – he has such a huge catalogue of music that many of us discovered new gems along the way.

Secondly, so much of his music can be made BIG. Choirs, horns, strings, throw in whatever you want and the music can probably take it – it’s so rich in harmony yet so melodic.

And finally – like many theme night performers, Eoin chose this partly because he had never done it before. He threw it at us in Connolly’s one Monday night and ripped it up, but I’m not sure even he was prepared for how good it would be on the night itself. And that includes the vocal on it – no better man.

It was so big and so much fun that we chose it as the finale for our show, and hence it was the last song performed at a theme night in 2019.

I’m very much looking forward to whatever the next one will be on Feb 5 2020.