Most-read blogs of 2019

2019 in Review: Part 6

So here’s the biggest lesson I learned in 2019 – If you want to make changes in your life, creating new habits is a more effective way of doing so than setting goals.

For example, I could have said on Jan 1 2019 that my goal for 2019 was to write a blog every day that year.

Like many New Years Resolutions, I went well for the start of the year, but come the end of February I stopped, and only blogged sporadically for the months March – May. So if I had set the specific goal mentioned above – there it is gone. Failed. What do I do now?

However the work I did in January and February in making daily blogging a habit paid off as the year went on. When I was ready to begin blogging again in June I used the techniques I had learnt at the start of the year, reapplied them and ended up blogging every day from June 18 to today.

The new habit I had created paid off and although I didn’t write a blog every day this year, that doesn’t matter since that wasn’t a set goal of mine. However I can look back at the end of the year and see a major change I have made in my life that has enhanced the year in many ways for me.

It works in other areas too. Health and fitness is a common area in which people want to change things, especially around this time of year. So if you do want to get fitter, rather than specifying that you want to run the Dublin marathon for example, try getting into the specific habit of going for a run every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

If anyone is interested in learning more, I learned lots from this book on creating new habits.

Looking back though, I find it interesting at the end of the year to see which blogs resonated with people. When you write daily it can be difficult to remember them all, and so it’s interesting to see which ones struck a chord with many of you. Here are a few…

There is always huge interest in blogs around the time of theme nights – especially the ones which announce details of the next show. Theme Night #22 in Vicar St was of course a big moment for me and the theme nights in 2019 and the blogs on the day of the show and the day after were widely read.

The blog is largely about my professional life, and my day-to-day thoughts and experiences in my musical career, but every so often I delve in to my personal life for material. Two such blogs – one happy and one about trickier times struck a chord with lots of you this year.

The blog is proudly Sligo-based, and blogs about all things and people are usually popular. For example the blogs I wrote about a Westlife gig, the legendary entertainer Scruffy Duffy and visits to some schools in North Sligo were read by many of you.

Finally there are always ones that surprise me. Like the time I said I was running for election (firmly tongue-in-cheek), a story about a performance going wrong for one of the participants in a teenage theme night, and one about the unsung heroes of the theme nights.

Anyway thanks to you all for reading. As I have said before, I write the blog for me, but it makes it easier to keep doing it when I know you guys are reading.

Wishing everyone all the very best for 2020.