Must get to more gigs…

Today I feel a bit like Peter Parker after he was bitten by the radioactive spider. Infused with extra strength, speed and clarity of thought.

Because last night I went to a gig – what I would call a proper gig in a proper venue. The Dirty Jazz Club in Arthur’s to be exact.

6 musicians who have been playing together for years, including a friend and a regular guest of our own Monday night residency – Cathal Roche.

And boy could you tell. The way they transitioned from one solo to the next was each time different yet always tight. The interplay between the three horns was fantastic throughout. And when the entire second half of the gig consists of just 4 tunes, you have to make each one count, and they did.

And that’s what a great gig can do to you. Fill you with ideas, with spirit, with soul and with love for this thing we do called music.

I spoke to the man who runs the place last night and complimented him on the gig and on the size of the crowd that came in. He told me that he always gets great crowds in January – possibly due to people making New Years Resolutions to go to more gigs.

These lads play in Arthur’s on the first Saturday of each month. If you’re in Dublin check them out. Especially later in the year!