Deaths come in threes

Sad as the recent deaths of broadcasters Marian Finucane and Larry Gogan (below) have been, if you add them to the passing of their former RTE colleague – Gay Byrne – 2 months ago, proponents of the theory in the title of this blog may allow themselves a smile.

Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for facts, circumstances or events that support an already-held belief. It is an error of reasoning, a result of selective memory, and can lead to people thinking things to be true that are untrue.

A little confirmation bias towards ourselves is no harm however. When looking for the courage to try new things or attempt great feats, we sometimes need to believe that we are better than we are, rather than the opposite.

And so if we remember only the praise we get and not the criticism, only the successes and not the failures, then if that selective memory leads us to stretching and challenging ourselves and giving more of ourselves to the world and others, it can be a good thing.

So go easy on yourself. But in the knowledge that that’s what you are doing.