Introducing a weekly challenge…

Below is a clever picture (thanks Kris Manulak) which frames the scene this morning as I recorded 7 songs for my brand new piano tuition website. That will bring the total to 26 videos uploaded – 1 each week for the last half a year. Lots of material into which students can delve to improve their playing.

Filming my hands and using MIDI software and chord charts so that the online picture will look like this.

Two very different views of what is happening in the room. And here’s a third, stepping back from the original frame to see a bigger picture…

And even that’s not the full picture, because we aren’t getting to see Kris taking the photos.

It’s like when you’re learning how to play the piano. Sometimes your focus has to be narrow – in order to practice a particularly tricky passage perhaps. But you also need to see the bigger picture – how that passage fits into the piece as a whole, and even how the piece as a whole is put together. It all helps you have a big picture understanding of music, which in turns helps you be a better musician and then a better player.

It’s the purpose behind the website, and also behind the course of adult classes I have put together which start next week.

With these aims in mind, next Monday I will introduce the first of a set of new weekly challenges – designed to help you not only play a song to a higher standard, but to work out and then understand exactly what is going on in the song as a whole.

It’s not just for piano players either – but for anyone interested in music and understanding how it works. I look forward to sharing them with you all.