Shona and Nils

If you’re a singer, the first thing you must do is to connect with the song.

If you’re an accompanist, the first thing you must do is to support the singer.

Above are two of the core lessons we try and impart to the ever-growing gang of teenage musicians who take part in the Teenage Theme Nights.

This pair below didn’t need much telling, in fairness to them.

Every time Shona performs, she lives every word of the song, and hence the audience are with her all the way through her performance.

And Nils must be the busiest participant in next weekend’s set of shows. Why? Because firstly he can play the piano well, but secondly he is easy to get along with, easy to work with, and is sympathetic to the needs of the many singers who have asked him to accompany them.

Teenage Theme Night #19 takes place next weekend, with 4 shows over the course of 3 days, showcasing over 100 teenage musicians and their many talents.

Tickets always sell out, but for now there are some left here