‘I have an idea for this one…’

Music to my ears.

Whatever the project, whatever the show, whatever the performance coming up is, it can only be enlivened by someone coming into a room and excitedly uttering the words in the title of today’s blog.

The idea may not be much good. Yet.

It might need to be tweaked, rethought, or even binned. But you coming in with an idea makes my day. It’s a sign of thought, effort, creativity, drive to make it great, desire not to settle for OK.

And so over the last few days I have met dozens of teenagers, all thinking about their performance next weekend. And some ideas have been great.

Creatively mixing two arrangements of the same song. Choreographing a dance. A grand entrance. A witty introduction. Reimagining the song from what was a solo to a duet. Changing a vocal number to an instrumental. A clever medley.

And others needed more work. And that’s fine.

Because the best way of coming up with more good ideas is to come up with more bad ones.