Where do all the old posters go?

I was out and about this morning and passed a number of posters for Gaslight – currently showing in the wonderful venue that is Kilmacowen Hall.

On the way back however I spotted what I thought was my name on the back of the poster…and on closer viewing – it was!

Immediately I was reminded of the lyric in The Green Fields of France – ‘in an old photograph torn and battered and stained’ – because this was how this side of the poster looked. Of course it was serving as good a purpose as it can now, but I took a closer look to see what gig it was advertising.

And I remembered it – a fundraiser I was part of in the Knocknarea Arena a few years back – I sang Meadhbh’s Call as a duet with Sinéad Conway, and accompanied a few other pieces during the show. I remember the Grammar School Choir being particularly good that evening – there were some really strong singers involved with it and Jonathan Carter had them in really good shape.

But I hadn’t thought abut the gig since probably. As happens with most gigs we play. We prepare, perform and move on to the next one.

But they were important at the time. Most of them. This was important enough for someone to go around and tie posters to roadsigns around the county. Probably just as important as the Teenage Theme Nights feel to me and the 100+ participants this weekend.

And so memories fade. And posters get turned around and torn by brambles and used to promote another show. And it’s a reminder that all we have is the next one. The next gig, the next game, the next hour with someone we love. And soon the next one will be the last one, and there will be a new next one. But one day the next one won’t come round.

And so just in case that’s today – let’s make the next one count.