Get it right…

The official count on songs being performed at Teenage Theme Night #19 this weekend now stands at 96. Average 24 a show over 4 shows.

Now some are repeat performances of the same song, and some we don’t have to play on as the teenagers cover the instruments themselves.

But that still leaves – at a guess – the best part of 70 separate songs for the band to learn and then play over the course of the weekend.

Now they are great lads – good friends all, and top class musicians, and I’m not suggesting that there has been any complaints from any of them. Because there hasn’t.

But just in case any of us were feeling sorry for ourselves, a friend put me right this morning.

She basically said – ‘Yes – you might be playing 70 songs, but each of the teenagers is performing only one. They have put a lot into choosing that song, arranging it, learning it, rehearsing it and performing it – and your job is to get it right for them’.

And she was spot on – and not just in relation to these shows but it applies to most people doing any sort of a job which supports others.

So here we go! Here’s to a great weekend, to many great performances, memorable moments, and a job done well.