Human. Sacrifice.






Some of the darker song titles from the second half of last night’s show…with a happy ending of course! With thanks to emcee Penny Lee for pointing this out to us all in her own dryly humorous way.

It was another entertaining show last night. Plenty of standout moments – some highlights for me were as follows…

The first original piece of music at a theme night for a while (and what a piece!) – and we have another this evening.

The girl who took a good swig of a hot drink from her flask during the saxophone solo in her song to make sure her voice could hit the high notes on resuming.

The dramatic entrance of the 5 horn players from the back of the theatre at the start of the second half. Great idea and execution!

The end of Perfect (Fairground Attraction). Those high notes coming. Will she go for it?? If she does will she get them?? YES and YES!

The girl who couldn’t find her note yet stood her ground through what must have been 30 secs of torture for her before starting again, finding it and singing beautifully.

Our emcee/saxophonist/pianist/singer/arranger who produced newly requested arrangements for two songs 30 mins before the show started.

The girl who came up with a brand new harmony line on request to augment the end of one song and then nailed it in the show.


The girl who almost fell coming on stage but made a laugh of it and got the audience on her side immediately.

And of course it’s always fantastic to see new performers, or old performers trying new things. Last night we had first time guitarists, pianists, saxophonists, and three new bassists. And lots of performers taking the brave step of speaking to the audience for the first time.

There are the grand total of 6 tickets left for tonight’s show, and a few more for tomorrow’s double bill.