So as well as the teenagers expanding their listening horizons in the hunt for a song to perform, we in the band do the same when the song choices come back.

I have received much slagging about my age in recent days, and maybe I’m now showing it here but I had never heard the song Fireball before Eddie Fitzpatrick decided to perform it at Teenage Theme Night #19 last night.

It was another great show last night…with more than enough highlights to fill a blog, but today’s blog is all about this standout performance.

Because the reason these nights keep getting better is because the bar keeps being raised. By performances such as this.

And then the others realize that they need to work a bit harder at their song, or put a bit more thought into their arrangement. And then they come back next time with more ideas. And more preparation. And we get a night like last night. Or Friday. Or some of last years shows. Brilliant performances from start to finish.

And the main task now is not so much to try to help the songs sound better, or give ideas or advice…that side of things almost takes care of itself now because these guys are smart and passionate about their performances.

It’s how to manage this large snowball rolling downhill and gaining momentum all the time.

And the latest step in this regard is to introduce a TY only show. And it’s today.

30 performers. All newcomers to the teenage theme nights this year. And it can be daunting getting up to make your debut alongside 5th and 6th Yrs. A year or two makes a big difference at this age.

So this afternoon’s show is all about them. The 6th Yrs of 2022. And they have taken on some big songs!

In the meantime enjoy this performance! It’s top class. The thought and preparation that went into it is obvious. On top of all that though it’s great fun…