‘Woke up this morning…

…got yourself a gun’.

These lyrics were going through my head this morning as I travelled along the New Jersey Turnpike.

The views were reminiscent of the opening credits of The Sopranos – where Tony drives from New York City back out towards his New Jersey home – all to the strains of the above Alabama 3 song…

We got speaking to the driver, who was from Egypt. He said he loved America because there were great opportunities there for people to work hard and make a success out of themselves.

And we wondered if this was actually true or if he had heard it so many times from people around him that he presumed it to be the case.

But maybe it didn’t matter. He believed it, and so it was reality for him.

And that’s it. If we want something to be the case, we have a better chance of it being so if we really believe it. Whether at this point in time it’s actually true or not.