‘It didn’t rain on me’!

The guy at the table beside me was there for a short while on his own.

Two ladies (I’m guessing his wife and daughter) then joined him and he asked why they were late.

The older lady said that it was raining and traffic was worse than usual.

His triumphant (and quite loud) response? ‘It didn’t rain on me’!

Which is great for him, but down to fortune, not any skill, talent or good judgement on his behalf.

It’s like the card game Beggar My Neighbour. The result is pre-determined by the way the cards are dealt. Even Snap has more skill to it. So there’s absolutely no reason for the victor to be happy with themselves.

Like the dude beside me.

Triumphalism rarely serves anyone except the triumphant one. Especially when there’s nothing to be triumphant about.